Thursday, November 12, 2009

'Tis the Season

X-Chromo came home a week ago and announced she felt like "crap." Friday morning, I heard a hoarse little voice: "Maaaa-meee. I don't feel goooooood." I felt her forehead. Hot. Burning. By Tuesday she was fever-free, but complained that her chest felt heavy and burning. "Make it go awaaaaay!" So I took her to the doctor. Bronchitis. But at least bronchitis can be effectively medicated. I didn't even bother to call the doctor when she had the flu. I knew the office would tell me: drink plenty of liquids, bed rest, and Tylenol for the fever. It's just that my children rarely contract these sorts of things. I don't think X has ever even had a chest cold.

TV had a flu shot. Y-Chromo seems to be okay at college. I am blessed with my 'immunity' to influenza and offer my shot to someone else who needs it more.