Monday, August 05, 2013

Taken to the Cleaners?

There was some kind of smeary film on the windshield of my car, so on Friday, I took the car to the car wash for an interior cleaning, emphasis on the windows. Things looked okay when I left.

A couple of hours later, I picked up X-Chromo from work -- and the smears on the windshield combined with the angle of the sun didn't make me happy. Later that night, while driving home from an event, on-coming headlights revealed just what a lousy job the car wash had done. A dangerously lousy job.

On Saturday, I drove back to the car wash and very nicely explained my situation. They very nicely said they would redo the windows. And yeah, the girl did swipe at the windshield a few times. But most of her time was spent leaning on the car chatting it up with another employee who was on break (judging by the large drink in her hand). I was tempted to take a photo of all this hard work. I still tipped the girl. Things looked okay, but it was around the same time of day, so the light wasn't too revealing.

I just drove Y-Chromo to work. OMG, the windshield is worse than when I took the car in on Friday. So now I have to waste my time and my gas driving back to DELTA SONIC after work tonight.