Sunday, September 09, 2012

September: The Real World Resumes

The real world has resumed. For a lot of people, that means school is back in session. My chromos are in college, and they return to their respective campuses in August. Triple A Baseball is over for the season, so TV Stevie and I aren't at the stadium every night there's a home game. Summer is over, even though technically that won't happen for another week or two.

This morning, TV Stevie suggested we do the Creekwalk. We haven't been since spring. I liked the idea, so when he returned from his meeting, we put on our walking shoes and went. Instead of walking from the Inner Harbor to Onondaga Lake, we decided to try the Inner Harbor to downtown Syracuse route, which we've done only once.

Geese (or ducks?) resting in the shade
It's a nice day for a walk. And the Creekwalk is lovely.

There was something going on at the Dinosaur Barbecue. The band sounded pretty good.
The police car is NOT there because of a crime,
just crowd control

We didn't walk all the way to Armory Square, but turned around at the Niagara Mohawk Building.

It's funny how last weekend was still summer, still hazy, hot, humid, and yet today is definitely autumnal.