Monday, March 05, 2012

China Clipper Calling Alameda

Last night I saw a Monkees Greatest Hits CD sitting on the kitchen table. I borrowed it to transfer to my mp3 player. Listened to it at the DayJob today and wanted so much to jump up and start dancing. The music made me happy.

Came home for lunch, where I ran into TV Stevie, and we started talking about Monkees trivia and our personal memories. We both listened to the third album (Headquarters) more than any other album by the group. We liked the same songs on that album.

Trivia: even when the Monkees TV program was repeated, it wasn't the same as it was the first time it was broadcast, because the producers would change the music segment to whatever the newest release was.

TV Stevie's Most Memorable Monkee TV Show Moment: He missed just one episode. A religious observance ran too long.

My most memorable Monkee TV Show Moment: I was at a friend's house with a slew of other girls, for a Monkee party and sleep over. We all settled in the living room to watch the program and just when the show began, the power went out. Actually, the hostess's dad and older brother were in the basement and pulled the fuse when they heard the Monkee theme. Didn't they realize that adolescent girls can be traumatized by that kind of practical joke?

TV Stevie and I both liked the song, Zilch. The challenge became to remember the four lines in the song. I got two (okay, I garbled one of them, but I had it.) TV gave me hints on the other two, and I remembered them quickly. Then I asked him which of the four lines from Zilch was used in the Monkee song, No Time. It took him a minute, but he got it:
Never mind the furthermore, the plea is self-defense.

Can you name all four lines?